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6th Annual North Texas Celebration of Life

24th Annual Celebration of Life

End the 10-Day Rule! Ask Your State Senator to Support SB 917

Ask Your State Rep. to Support Pro-Life Priorities

Support Alternatives to Abortion | Contact Your State Rep.

Abbott Calls Special Legislative Session

Special Session Priority - Repeal the Anti-Life 10-Day Rule

Special Session Priority - Additional Protections for Preborn Children

Special Session Priority - Conscience Protections for Health Care Prof

New mom qualifies for Olympic trials: “You have no idea what your mo...

DELUSIONAL: Biden Refuses to Acknowledge Human Life

Christian Group Targeted by IRS for Teaching Biblical Values

New international guidelines allow anti-Life embryonic research; Texas...

The World’s Most Premature Baby

Help Elect Pro-Life Leaders and Let Voters Know the Truth!

AOC & Other Catholic Democrats Demand Bishops Allow Communion for Abor...

Catholic Bishops Vote to Draft Document That Could Deny Joe Biden Comm

China tries to push some families to have third child amid population

Birth mom attends daughter’s high school graduation: “My heart is

Congress introduces bill that would destroy Texas’s life-saving Pro-...

Fathers are Crucial

Singer diagnosed with terminal cancer offers message of hope on Americ...

Are you backing down?

9 of Texas’ 15 Bishops Ask to Avoid Discussion on Pro-Abortion Polit...

Will you stand up for the unborn?

Save Texas!

Help Celebrate Bishop Gracida's 98th Birthday!

America’s Most Interesting Bishop

The followers of Christ versus the haters of God

Your support is launching a new era for the Pro-Life movement!

Texas Right to Life Responds to Viral Valedictorian Speech

Texas Man at Center of 10-Day Rule Dispute Passes Away

Pro-Life Victory: Federal Court Throws Out Planned Parenthood’s Laws...

Lubbock Sanctuary City for the Unborn Ordinance Takes Effect, Paves Wa...

SHOCKING: University of Pittsburgh Colluding with Planned Parenthood i...

How did the Pro-Life Priorities fare in the 87th Legislature?

Send a message now: Urge Governor Abbott to add Pro-Life priorities to...

6th Annual North Texas Celebration of Life - Corporate Sponsor

6th Annual North Texas Celebration of Life

Biden Proposes to Eliminate Hyde Amendment from Federal Budget

24th Annual Celebration of Life - Corporate Sponsorship

24th Annual Celebration of Life

Wife Fights for Conscious Husband’s Life Against 10-Day Rule

Malta, a strongly Pro-Life country, fights efforts to decriminalize ab

Anti-Life scientists propose growing human embryos for experimentation...

Victory: Patient U. saved from the 10-Day Rule!

URGENT Prayer Request! Patients Face 10-Day Countdown

WATCH: White House Calls Texas Heartbeat Act the "Most Restrictive Mea

Biden Denounces Texas Heartbeat Act

Doctors Urge Parents to Abort Baby With Disability, Until Right Before...

Governor Abbott Signs Texas Heartbeat Act into Law, While Even More Pr...

Force Planned Parenthood out of Texas once and for all!

Abernathy becomes 24th Texas Sanctuary City for the Unborn

Is the Supreme Court about to reverse Roe v. Wade?

Planned Parenthood Turns to Federal Court to Stop Lubbock Pro-Life Ord